Richard began hammering on a piano and composing tunes at an early age, but was diverted into a computer science degree.

He went on to study electronic music at the Royal College of Music and then to complete a postgraduate degree in composition and software.

Whilst pursuing these studies, he supported himself by playing keyboards with various jazz, rock and soul bands, and as a freelance composer of music for Dance (London Contemporary Dance Theatre) and Theatre (the National Theatre). Eventually work in the more lucrative world of television made it possible to set up a studio.

He got the last staff composer job at the BBC’s renowned Radiophonic Workshop and worked there for eleven years, before the department was closed down - allowing Richard to return to his roots as a freelance composer, based once again in his own studio

While at the BBC he won Sony awards (for “the Most Creative Use of Radio”) for “Peace on Earth” and “The Dream”.

Apart from music, his other passion is windsurfing and he now has a studio overlooking the sea on the beach near Brighton. While keeping an eye on the wind and waves, he composes original music for film, TV and radio