Why Choose Richard Attree 

Innovative, Creative, Professional

Richard works in his own state-of-the-art studio.His music has won major awards and been praised by media critics. It always encapsulates the concept and atmosphere of a project ... and he never misses a deadline !

Wide Ranging Experience

3 years study at the Royal College of Music, 8 years touring with jazz, rock and soul bands, 11 years as a staff composer at the BBC’s renowned Radiophonic Workshop, and the rest of his life as a freelance composer for Film, TV & Radio.


He’s composed original music for a wide range of genres, spanning the complete spectrum of musical styles ... for the BBC, C4, ITV, FIVE, Discovery and many of the major independent producers: Wall to Wall, Pioneer Productions, Principal Films, Optomen Television, Outline Productions, 3BM TV, Diverse Productions etc. Whether your project needs atmospheric, contemporary / epic, orchestral / ambient, drum&bass ... he is equally at home ... he always delivers !

email: richard@attreemusic.com