Richard is well known for his original music for historical docu-dramas such as "The Gunpowder Plot" (Darlow Smithson for ITV1), "Bloody Britain" (Outline Productions for Discovery), "Storm From the East" (BBC2) ... major science series like Horizon (BBC), Extinct (Wall to Wall for C4), "The Day the Earth Was Born" (Pioneer Productions for C4) ... and controversial contemporary films such as "Felicity’s Story" (Principal Films for CH4), "The Real Richard Desmond" (3BM TV for C4), "Violent Nation" (Outline Productions for Discovery) etc ...


Richard’s work for drama ranges from the atmospheric, haunting score for "The True Story of Frankenstein" (BBC) to comedies and sitcoms like Simon Nye’s "Hardware" (Thames TV for ITV1) and a full-on orchestral action score for the cult animated feature film "Dominator and the Cradle of Death" ... as well as 

Natural History

Richard has always been in demand, especially for his knowledge of world music, and he has composed the music for numerous films, including several for Natural World (BBC): "The Volcano Watchers", "Forest Of Fear", "Ice Pack", and for Wildlife On One (BBC1): "Octopus Challenge" and "Gorillas Revisited" (with Sigourney Weaver) (BBC Natural History Unit for Animal Planet and BBC4) and "Jaws Junior" (BBC NHU for Discovery's Shark Week).


His title music packages bring musical identity to several TV shows, including the format that invented the genre: "Video Diaries" (BBC) and more recently: "Spirituality Shopper" (Optomen Television for C4), "Divide and Rule" (Diverse Productions for FIVE), "Auction House" (Granada for ITV1) etc ...

Children's TV

Having composed the music for all three series of one of the BBC’s most successful childrens dramas: "The Demon Headmaster", Richard’s music has been heard by (literally) millions of kids. Other highlights include 2 series of "Welcome to Orty Fou" (Carlton for ITV1), and "Metal Heads" (26 x 11 mins animation set in the Middle Ages produced by Telemagination for CBBC / German TV).

Radio Features / Drama

While working as a composer at the BBC’s famous Radiophonic Workshop, Richard produced two features for Radio One: "Peace On Earth" and "The Dream" that both won coveted Sony awards for “the most creative use of radio”. His work for radio drama includes "Over The Precipice" (BBC R3) and "Miroo" (BBC R3 Italia Prize nomination).

Complete List of Richard's Credits


"GUNPOWDER PLOT - EXPLODING THE LEGEND" - 1 x 90 mins - a "major television event" for 1st November 2005 - produced by Darlow Smithson for ITV1. Richard Hammond builds a full size replica of the House of Lords as it was 400 years ago, goes on a quest for 36 barrels of gunpowder and asks the question "what if Guy Fawkes had lit the fuse ?". The music ranges from a contemporary take on the 17th century for period drama scenes to epic and filmic for the modern feats of engineering and ballistics.

VIOLENT NATION 3 x 60 mins - Rik Mayall examines the myth that we're living in a more violent society - produced by Outline Productions for Discovery (2005) ... title music and a wide range of incidental cues ... cutting edge mix of violence and comedy.

BLOODY BRITAIN - 10 x 30 mins - Rory McGrath looks at the violent history of GB - produced by Outline Productions for Discovery (2004) ... title music and a package of violent, gory and decidedly bloody incidental cues.

THE REAL RICHARD DESMOND - profile of the controversial publisher - produced by 3BM TV for C4's "THE REAL ..." strand (2003) - psychological electric incidental music ...

THE DAY THE EARTH WAS BORN - 2 x 60 min programmes produced by Pioneer Productions for C4 (2002) ... about the formation of the planet and the origins of life. Shot in locations as far apart as Australia and the North Pole, dramatic landscapes, laboratories and observatories ... the music is epic, atmospheric, contemporary ...

EXTINCT - 6 x 30 mins series produced by Wall to Wall TV for CH4 (2001) used CGI, animatronics etc to "film" extinct species (Sabre-Tooth 'Tiger, Dodo etc) and to tell the story of their extinction ... The music ranges from atmospheric, minimal soundscapes to widescreen orchestral scoring ...

FELICITY's STORY - a controversial film about a British woman's harrowing experiences of the L.A. porn industry, produced by Principal Films for CH4 (2001) - disturbing, electronic, ambient music

THE EXECUTIONERS - 3 X 52 mins about the history of executions - produced by DGP Productions for Discovery & National Geographic (2004)

STORM FROM THE EAST - 4 part BBC2 series about the Mongol empire


EVERYMAN ("Pity The Nation", "No Easy Road", "Back to the Edge", etc)

"DOMINATOR AND THE CRADLE OF DEATH" - animated feature film produced by Renga Media for UK / US cinema release in 2006 - full-on orchestral action score.

HARDWARE Sitcom by Simon Nye (writer of "Men Behaving Badly") - produced by Thames TV for ITV1 (2003 / 04 - 2 series) - title music, stings and fun incidental cues.

WELCOME TO ORTY FOU - comedy drama + animation for Carlton (1999 / 2000 - 2 series)

- Dramatised sections of the original Mary Shelley story for BBC's Everyman slot

LE CAFE DES REVES - 5 x 20' BBC French drama series for young people

THE DEMON HEADMASTER - 3 series of the very successful Childrens drama for BBC1

DEAD ENTRY - Mystery / Thriller for CBBC

WATT ON EARTH - 24 episodes of Comedy Sci-Fi for CBBC

Natural History:
GORILLAS REVISITED (2005) - 2 films produced by the BBC Natural History Unit for Animal Planet and BBC4 ... Sigourney Weaver makes an emotional return to Rwanda to revisit the gorillas - the score reflects the setting, the story, and a certain amount of sadness.

JAWS JUNIOR (2004) - 1 x 50 mins produced by the BBC Natural History Unit for Discovery's Shark Week - music ranging from orchestral Jaws references to underwater ambient soundscapes.

WILDLIFE ON ONE (several progs including "Octopus Challenge" 2001)

NATURAL WORLD ("The Volcano Watchers", "Forest Of Fear", "Ice Pack", etc)



Arts / Religion:
SACRED NATION - six part series for BBC Radio (2005), about the history of faith in Britain - from Celts to Crystals ... music is epic, magical, atmospheric ....

SEX AND RELIGION - 4 x 45 mins produced by Lilyville Productions / CTVC for ITV1 (2003)

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE - BLOOMSBURY - 2 x 30 mins produced by The Bridge for C5 (2003)

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS - title music for Melvyn Bragg's ITV series (2000)

WALL TO WALL - 6 part BBC2 series about architecture

THE MAGNUM STORY - 5 part BBC series about the famous photo-journalist agency

THE SECRET LIFE OF PAINTINGS - 7 part BBC series which "dramatised" well known paintings

THE SACRED ELEPHANT (Heathcote Williams' poem, featured on the Late Show)

HOMELANDS - BBC series about various third world writers (Titles)

Science Features:
HORIZON ("Iceman", "TB - the Forgotten Plague" etc)
HERETIC - 3 x 50' BBC2 series about dissident scientists
CHRONICLE (Series titles as well as incidental music)

SPIRITUALITY SHOPPER - 3 x 60 mins spiritual makeover show produced by Optomen Television for C4 (TX summer 2005)) ... Jonathan Edwards helps three people fill the spiritual void in their lives by trying a variety of religious practices ... title music and themes that explore a balance between spiritual and commercial.

DIVIDE AND RULE - produced by Diverse Productions for FIVE (2005) - title music package

AUCTION HOUSE - title music for makeover series - produced by Granada for ITV1

SPAIN ON A PLATE - 5 x 30' BBC2 Cookery series

INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED OUR LIVES - 6 part series produced by Trans World International

VIDEO DIARIES - title music for the long running BBC series

OK2 - TALK FEELINGS (BBC series involving modern dance)

METAL HEADS - 26 x 11 mins animation set in the Middle Ages produced by Telemagination for BBC / German TV - six months work with guitarist Richard Durrant ... chaotic, smelly medieval music !

- feature length animation produced by Renga Media for the Sci Fi Channel and release on DVD

Radio Features / Drama:
PEACE ON EARTH (Winner of the 1986 Sony award for "the most creative use of Radio")
THE DREAM (Winner of the 1989 Sony award for "the most creative use of Radio")
MIROOO (BBC Entry for the Italia Prize - 1993)
OVER THE PRECIPICE - BBC Radio 3 Drama (1995)