Richard is well known for his original music for major science series like Horizon (BBC) & "Extinct" (C4), historical docu-dramas like "Bloody Britain" (Discovery), and "The Gunpowder Plot" (ITV1), and controversial contemporary films such as "Felicity’s Story" and "The Real Richard Desmond" (both for CH4). The samples of his work here range from contemporary, atmospheric, lyrical to epic, filmic.

GunPowder Plot
A "major television event" - produced by Darlow Smithson for ITV1. Richard Hammond builds a full size replica of the House of Lords as it was 400 years ago, goes on a quest for 36 barrels of gunpowder and asks the question "what if Guy Fawkes had lit the fuse ?". The music ranges from a contemporary take on the 17th century for period drama scenes to epic and filmic for the modern feats of engineering and ballistics.
harpsichord theme for the Gunpowder Plot docu-drama ... 17th century tension given a contemporary edge
tense build up to the Big Bang plus the explosive aftermath
spooky, dark atmosphere with harp pattern - the plot thickens !
Epic orchestral action music from Gunpowder Plot
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