His work for drama ranges from the atmospheric, haunting score for The True Story of Frankenstein (BBC) to comedies and sitcoms like Simon Nye’s Hardware (ITV1) ... so the music here reflects this eclectic range of emotions, and moods.
34. dark intrigue with a haunting oboe theme


BRIEF LIVES - my sardonic tango theme for a BBC black comedy about lawyers, with more than a hint of classic 70's TV cop shows

36. gospel flavoured steel guitar revelations ... now I'm a believer
37. inside the mind of a murderer
38 . sadness, regrets ...
39. City at night ... rain streaked, neon lit, lonely, dangerous


MAKING WAVES - folk tinged theme for a drama set aboard a ship ... play this track & imagine yourself sailing off into the sunset ....
04. main harpsichord theme for the Gunpowder Plot docu-drama ... 17th century tension given a contemporary edge
05. tense build up to the Big Bang plus the explosive aftermath
06. spooky, dark atmos with harp pattern - the plot thickens !
07. Epic orchestral action music from Gunpowder Plot
30. more orchestral action music from Gunpowder Plot
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