His title music packages bring musical identity to several factual / lifestyle / reality TV shows, including the format that invented the genre: Video Diaries (BBC). The sample tracks in this section mostly show the fun and funky side of his work.
SPIRITUALITY SHOPPER (3x60' C4) - Jonathan Edwards helps three people fill a void in their lives by trying a variety of religious practices ... title music and themes that explore a balance between spiritual and commercial.


AUCTION HOUSE (ITV1) - title music for house makeover series - upbeat & catchy


VIOLENT NATION (3x60' Discovery) - Rik Mayall examines the myth that we're living in a more violent society - tough urban music for our mean streets
21. LIFE BEGINS - gentle acoustic guitar
22. BARKING - pitch for a dog series - vocals by Basil (our pampered pooch !)
23. Incidental music from SPIRITUALITY SHOPPER. Fusion of House and World music.
24. DIVIDE AND RULE (FIVE) - title music package for family conflict series - funky soul
25. RUBY & MILLY (Discovery) - music for makeover / health magazine series - latin jazz groove
26. TABLOID TALES - titles pitch for a series about the tabloid press
27. Anyone for Tennis ?
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