Distance learning course run by Guy Mitchelmore. I'm one of the tutors, and I really recommend it to anyone wanting to get into composing for films & TV - only thing is that it's so good that I'm training up a whole lot of future rivals !
Nikki Attree - Digital Artist, photographer. Her photographs have appeared in galleries, magazines and on CD covers-Click on image to view Nikki's portfolios .
collects licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works.
"Media Music Now is a new online music site where you can browse, preview, license and download tracks from some of the most talented music makers from around the globe - including Richard.
Richard Durrant is a classically trained artist active in many walks of musical life. Respected equally in the world of classical, folk and rock music.
Richard was my composing partner on a children's animation "Metal Heads"
Olly is a BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter represented by Curtis Brown Ltd, contact Ben Hall +44 (020) 7393 4452...Click on image to view Olly's website.
Forum for all things MOTU - has some heavy DP gurus on it !
Shoreham Weather -A one-stop-site for all your weather information for the Sussex Coast and beyond.