Richard has always been in demand to score Natural History and Wildlife films, especially for his knowledge of world music ... and he has composed the music for numerous films for Natural World (BBC), Wildlife On One (BBC), Discovery, Animal Planet etc ... Here you'll find a selection of some of his favourite cues.

Gorillas Revisited
Two films produced by the BBC Natural History Unit for Animal Planet and BBC4. In one (Animal Planet) Sigourney Weaver makes an emotional return to Rwanda to revisit the gorillas that she filmed with for "Gorillas In The Mist" - my score reflects the setting, the story, and a certain amount of sadness. The other film (BBC4) sees David Attenborough also revist these same Gorillas - the subject of one of his most memoerable early films ... my music reworks the same themes for the different footage.
main theme from Gorillas Revisited


opening sequence from the Sigourney Weaver film - a tense, edgy return to the jungle


optimistic, relaxed cue for baby gorillas at play
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