What some of my past clients, producers, and directors have said about my music for their projects, and about working with me ...


"I think you were the first composer I commissioned music from, and I always loved what you did for me! (title music for VIDEO DIARIES) ... You don't forget those sort of things."
Jeremy Gibson (ex head of BBC Features, Bristol - now executive producer at Denham Productions)

"The music for this series ("Storm From the East") was going to be a challenge, given the nature of the subject - the history of the Mongol Empire. From the moment we listen to the title music to the final tape for the last programme, Richard's creations have been a revellation.
I have always loved the process of working with a composer, but this project was fabulous. Richard was constantly enthusiastic and inventive - even when the pressures of the schedule seemed impossible.
When it came to the final programme, he was confronted with a sequence that was nearly six minutes long, that would require new themes to be developed. It was a tremendous challenge, at the end of an overlong schedule, and yet he produced the most wonderful music."
.Robert Marshall (series producer of "Storm From The East" - BBC Documentary Features)
Re "Gunpowder Plot" (ITV1) ...from Mike Slee (producer)
" ... did a really good job with the music - I'm sure that it will get you loads more work !"

"Thank you for all your brilliant work on BLOODY BRITAIN. Everyone who's seen the series has commented on how good the music is, and how much it adds to the programmes."
Sophie Theunissen (series producer, Outline Productions)

"Just a brief note to thank you for the "ICEMAN' music (BBC HORIZON). It's gone down well everywhere and I am sure has been a key factor in the emotional power of the film which reviewers and viewers have noted."
Katherine Everett (BBC science producer - Horizon)

"Thank you very much for your contribution to HIROHITO - BEHING THE MYTH. As you know, I am very pleased with the music, particularly in view of the fact that you had to work under such pressure."
Anthony Geffen (ex BBC docu features producer - now managing director of Atlantic Productions)

Natural History:

"I think these cues are lovely. They make me imagine Sigourney and the gorillas, the setting, the sadness, the emotional impact ... "
Jeanie Vink - commissioning editor / exec producer, Discovery Channel

From Ingrid Kvale - producer (BBC Natural History Unit) of "Gorillas Revisited" (Animal Planet / BBC4) ...
Thanks so much for doing a really nice job on the music for both Gorillas Revisited films.  Really appreciate the extra effort you put in, and that you were able to get on with the work and produce great stuff without too much involvement from me.  I would normally like to be more involved with the composer, but had to concentrate on other things more this time.  It's great you were so organised with your cues too, so it all slotted in very nicely.Music sounded great on final mix, so thanks for doing such a great job - think it will work a treat for Animal Planet!

"Thank you so much for all your work on JAWS JUNIOR.  I think you did remarkably well in difficult circumstances and you know, the music / sound really make this film. Obviously films always pick up with the final mix - but this one took a huge leap forward."
Andy Byatt (BBC Natural History Unit producer)

"Your music has lifted my film (NATURAL WORLD - FOREST OF FEAR) in just the way I hoped it would and i thank you most sincerely for exercising your imagination and talent to such good effect. You have undoubtably achieved a milestone in setting music to natural history. There were many murmurs of approval in the dubbing theatre yesterday, and not a few pounding hearts".
(Alan McGregor - BBC Natural History Unit producer)

"Thought you would like to hear that the VT editor for JEWEL IN THE SUN (BBC WILDLIFE ON ONE) said that he would buy the music if it was available commercially !"
Robin Hellier (ex Head of BBC Natural History Unit)


"I'm writing to congratulate you on the magnificent score that you wrote for the FRANKENSTEIN film. In my opinion it generated an extraordinary atmosphere."
Daniel Wolf (Editor Everyman, BBC)

"Now that I've listen to all five episodes of "Le Cafe" several times (without tiring of it!) and have heard friends', colleagues and viewers' comments, I just wanted to let yo know how much II, and indeed the whole production team, have appreciated and admired your music for "LE CAFE DES REVES" (BBC Drama).
The dramatic, powerful sequences which you composed for those scenes which required a mood, or some suspense, really did enormously enhance the atmosphere, the Serge theme ripples through the drama, and the romantic music is moving and gentle."
Susan Paton (series producer "LE CAFE DES REVES")


From Mark McMullen - producer (True North Productions) of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (BBC Education) ...
Just wanted to say I was delighted with the music you made for us.  It was a bit frantic but the end result was worth it.

"All the (DEMON HEADMASTER) programmes are now finished with over 76 minutes of new music. I think that the music plays a large part in setting the moods of the piece. Thank you for all your work and creativity, and for the care you have taken over cues to point the action faithfully."
Roger Singleton-Turner (series producer "The Demon Headmaster" - BBC childrens drama)

"Now that this series of ACTIV-8 (BBC CHILDRENS) is over, I would like to say how pleased i was with Richard Attree's work. The music was ideally suited to the programme and the graphics."
Judy Merry (BBC Childrens producer)

"Further to our telephone conversation, I'd just like to confirm that you've
got the gig!! Congratulations - yours was the absolute favourite (pitch) from all
the execs and ourselves, so the decision was really very easy!;)"
Beth Parker (Head of Production, Telemagination - producers of "Metal Heads" 26 x 11min animation for CBBC)

Radio Features:

"the (SACRED NATION) sig is great ... as you will hear your music will be used on all the trails and does a good job introducing the show and with the credits so thank you for all your hard work"
Michael Wakelin (senior producer BBC Religion - producer of SACRED NATION)

"Can I put in writing my congratulations to you for winning the Sony award for The Most Creative Use of Radio with "PEACE ON EARTH"
Johnny Beerling (then Head of Radio 1)

"I just wanted to add a note of personal congratulations to you on winning a Sony award last Monday ... I know how much hard work you put into "THE DREAM"
Johnny Beerling (then Head of Radio 1)

"Congratulations and many thanks on "THE DREAM" - an outstanding programmme which Radio 1 was very proud to broadcast."
Roger Lewis (Head of BBC Radio 1 music department)

"Many congratulations on what you've done with MIROOO. You've taken quite an interesting text and turned it into a wonderful radio poem - original, haunting, touching and, best of all, Miro-esque."
Piers Plowright (legendary ex BBC radio producer)

"A very belated thanks for the wonderful job you did on "OUT OF BOUNDS" (Comedy Drama for BBC Radio 4). There is no doubt in my mind that your music turned an ordinary afternoon play into an exceptional one - we got smashing reviews in the Independent, Guardian and Listener, as well as getting top billing on "Pick of the Week"
Paul Schlesinger (BBC comedy producer)