Richard Attree works from Silicon Beach Studio, his state-of-the-art composing and music production studio on Shoreham beach near Brighton, on the south coast of the UK.
Close enough to Brighton to benefit from the thriving new media buzz there (hence the "Silicon Beach"), and only an hour by train from Victoria station, but in an idyllic location with a sea view from the studio window !

The Room

The studio was completed in the winter of 2004 / 2005 and is fully isolated / soundproofed, with a double door system, floating floor, air conditioning, and really good acoustics

Hardware / Software

The studio is set up to produce music to picture efficiently and creatively.
Based around a network of Mac computers running MOTU's Digital Performer sequencing software (the most musical choice !), a large orchestra of midi synths and samplers (including vintage synths dating back to Richard's days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), and an ever expanding ensemble of software instruments.

Working to Picture

I can handle video in VHS or digital formats. When a client sends me VHS, I digitise it (via a Miglia Director's Cut DV converter) and then run the video from hard disk along with the music. I can send back work in progress for review on VHS or as digital files via my broadband connection.


If there is a budget and the project is appropriate I always like to involve musicians, live playing and acoustic instruments. I can record solo instruments in my control room and when I need to record larger groups, I travel 100 yards down the beach to Richard Durrant's Visual Music Studio ( a multi track digital recording studio, specialising in producing acoustic music and songs for TV. Richard owns (and plays !) an amazing collection of instruments from all over the world. As well as his international reputation as a maverick virtuoso, the studio has good contacts with local studio musicians and singers.
If the project demands an orchestral score, I can prepare demos in my studio, work with an established copyist to prepare the score and would look to record in Eastern Europe - that's unless the budget can afford a UK based orchestra / studio.

Sound Library

I have been collecting, recording and sampling sounds for a long time now and have a fairly vast collection from all over the world ... but I often start a project by researching and sourcing a new set of sound samples, so that the sounds are specific and fresh to the particular project.


I can deliver music on DAT, CD, DVD or as digital files. I usually send work in progress as mp3 files throughout the day, and then upload finished cues (as either AIFF or WAV files) and all the people who need to hear the music (producer, director, editor, execs etc) can just go online and listen to the music hot off the press.
I guess that there's no reason why I couldn't work on a project based anywhere in the world now !


Mac G5 with 2.5GB extra memory, extra 160 GB HD (my main music computer)
Mac G4 & Powerbook G3 (used mainly for office & graphics)
Yamaha Pro01 mixers
Yamaha KX88 midi keyboard
Yamaha TX816 (= 8 DX7's !) / TG55, TX802 synths, RX5 drum machine
Roland S750, SP700 samplers / D550 synth
EMU Proteus 2, World, Procussion, Piano module
Sony DAT recorders / VHS players / Trinitron TV monitor
Tannoy monitors (old 12" speakers, still my favourites !)
Quad power amps
Miglia Director's Cut DV converter


MOTU Digital Performer sequencer
MOTU Unisyn synth sound librarian
MOTU Mach 5 software sampler
MOTU orchestral software instrument (as soon as it's available !)
Garritan GPO orchestral software instrument
Mac GarageBand for quick and dirty loop-based music
Roxio Toast, Mac iDVD for burning CDs / DVDs
Mac Quicktime Pro, iMovie for editing video