World music and ethnic instruments & voices have often been a part of Richard's music. The tracks here demonstrate an eclectic mix of influences from all around the planet.
Central American rain forest - acoustic guitar, drums & panpipes.


Shakuhachi and wood blocks for the construction of traditional Japanese timber houses - incidental cue from WALL TO WALL (6x60' BBC2)


North Africa - percussion and arabic oboe
60. Latin America - manic salsa
42. Call to Prayer (recorded from a roof top in Yemen) with widescreen perspective - incidental cue from WALL TO WALL (6x60' BBC2).
61. Australia - Play that Funky Digeridoo (mate)
62. Closing credits from STORM FROM THE EAST (4x60' BBC2 series about Ghengis Kahn) - traditional Mongolian singing over tribal drums.
63. India
64. Ethnic Voices
02. opening sequence from GORILLAS REVISITED (2x60' Animal Planet / BBC4)
 - a tense, edgy return to the African forest - tribal drumming

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